Water Filtration

Try this experiment — unscrew the aerator from your kitchen tap and look at what your drinking. That’s only what you can see!

Report Plumbing provide sales, installation and annual servicing direct to you. A one stop service — water filtration within your home ensures the best for your families daily needs. Tailor a filter to your lifestyle and water quality. With such a large marketplace to shop in, it is easy to become confused and lost when deciding on a water filtration system for your home. Call today for a free in home quotation.

R/O units (Reverse osmosis units)

Undersink reverse osmosis have the convenience of being hidden away in the cupboards under, or near the sink, and supplying water to a dedicated tap (faucet) fitted through the sink or bench top. Undersink ROs have a pressurised storage tank and deliver the water quickly at around 3 – 4 litres per minute, depending on the mains water pressure. This type of system doesn’t produce the water any faster than the other types, but is totally automatic in operation and keeps it’s storage tank in a constant state of top-up. When you turn the faucet on, it comes out quickly from the storage tank, the system turns it’s self on, replaces what you took from the tank, and when the tank is full again it automatically turns it’s self off again. This is done without power as it uses the pressure in the mains to operate a system of check valves, piston and diaphragms to turn the water on and off to the system.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process where water is treated using a semi permeable membrane at pressure. Reverse osmosis is osmosis in reverse. Osmosis is most mostly observed in plants. If you don’t water your plants they die. A plant cell is a semi permeable (water flows through the membrane but contaminates and salt don’t) membrane with the living part on the inside in a salty/sap solution. Water is drawn into the cell from the environment because pure water will move across a semi permeable membrane. This is how water is drawn in from the soil when you water your plants. If you salt your plants (over fertilize or spill some salt on the grass), the plant will wilt because the salt concentration on the outside of the cell is higher than the inside and water then moves across the membrane from the inside to the outside. Reverse osmosis is reversed because contaminated water (salty) is drawn naturally towards clean water so it is placed under pressure to obtain the purified water and reject the contaminated. If this sounds a bit strange consider that hot water is naturally drawn towards cold water not the other way around.

WFA HiFlow inline system

The HiFlow water filter system is a revolution to the filtered water industry. The system is easy to install, connecting directly to any mixer tap or cold water tap. This allows you to enjoy your own great tasting, clear, freshly filtered water any time at full pressure. With half micron filtration you really can bottle your own filtered water. Enjoy it not only for drinking but for washing fruit and vegetables and in food preparation including baby formulas. The HiFlow not only removes bad taste and odor but is certified to remove/reduce contaminants including lead, cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium and chlorine. The filter system inhibits limescale buildup in water using appliances but does not remove fluoride and healthy natural minerals and salts.

H54 filter kit and tap

the H-54 reduces the following contaminants: lead, cysts such as Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica and Cryptosporidium parvum. This system also reduces: chlorine taste and odor, dirt and cloudiness, mould and algae, oxidized iron, oxidized manganese & oxidized sulfides.

WHO System (Whole of house system)

Designed to be plumbed to your mains water inlet point and allows for the entire house to have safe clean water 365 day a year.

Rainwater Filters – also available – pending the end use of your rainwater.